When you call Patrick's Upholstery, we will set you up for the earliest possible time on our service schedule. When your slot comes up, our staff will pick up your items and bring them to the shop where our upholstery technicians will go to work immediately.

Once the work is done your furniture will be returned to you with the same care with which it was picked up. You will never have to leave your house or lift anything to get your upholstery work done.



Services We Provide:

* Monogramming: We can apply your monogram to pillows, headboards, chairs, sofas and nearly any other fabric or upholstered product. We offer monograms in a number of in house fonts - but if you have a custom font you would rather use, 9 times out of 10 we can do that too

* Build Headboards and Mirrors

* Painted Furniture, vinyl wall graphics and murals.



Donald Walker - Professional artist with 23 years of experience, has done custom artwork and murals for hundreds of clients. His murals are featured in nearly every county school in the Huntsville metro area as well as libraries at DAR, Union Grove, Grassy and a plethora of other public buildings.

Donald Offers:

* custom painted portraits as large as 48" X 72" in size

* Paintings, digital imagery, logos, etc.

* Call Donald directly for appointment (number)


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